An Introduction to Sailing

There are many ways to travel on water, and although sailing is not the fastest, most efficient or economical, it is certainly one of the most enjoyable. It is also a sport that harnesses the energy of the wind rather than pure human effort, but still requires a significant amount of physical involvement and a great deal of thought.

Simply put, sailing involves any vessel which is propelled by the wind in a particular direction by using the resistance of the boat and the water. However, even after understanding the science of sailing in all its forms, you would still not have begun to touch upon possibilities created by this mode of transport.

The sheer volume of popular writing about sailing, from Swallows and Amazons to Cook’s Adventures, reflects the passion which the sport embodies. Being able to master the elements is a great psychological achievement, and this is pivotal to sailing. Furthermore, what was once seen as an exclusive and expensive sport available to the rich is fast becoming a very popular sport for people of all ages and abilities.