Thomson forced to quit Vendee Globe

on November 18, 2008 by Administrator

Sadly for British fans of sailing, last week saw the infamously tough Vendee Globe race claim yet another victim. Alex Thomson was forced to withdraw from the race after the hull of his yacht suffered severe damage.

His withdrawal makes him the fourth individual to retire from the race since it began. The previous unlucky victims of the event are Kito de Pavant, Marc Tjhiercelin and Yannick Bestaven.

At the beginning of last week, the individuals competing in the race had to endure extreme weather conditions, including 50-knot winds. Thomson’s yacht, the Open 60 Hugo Boss, was damaged in these stormy conditions and he was forced to return to Les Sables d’Olonne, a nearby French port.

Following some lengthy assessments of his yacht, it was decided, in the words of Thomson, that it would take

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